Wednesday, August 4, 2021

This is Blythe Review - by Gypsie

 I, Gypsie, am a fashion doll enthusiast, who was previously, clueless about the world of Blythe.  A large retailer of BLYTHE dolls recently reached out to us in hopes of introducing our audience to the intrigue of BLYTHE.  You can check out their site here at This Is Blythe.

Out of pure curiosity, we agreed to have a gander at this jointed little person, up close and personal. And thankfully, we weren't disappointed.  You can learn all about the lovely Blythe dolls, over on the This Is Blythe website, where there are blog articles available to fill you in on whatever you want to know about these imaginative figures. 

There are over 6000 items available to choose from, including fully outfitted and styled dolls, custom orders, parts for customizing and repairing, along with accessories and supplies for personalizing your Blythe characters. 

I went through the ordering process as any other customer would, searching the site for the items I wanted, and adding each to my cart as usual.  It was a user friendly experience, and there is a 24 hour customer chat service available to help navigate the website, if needed. 

Here is what I ordered:     Blythe doll with outfit, dark matte skin, and auburn hair.

                                          Set of larger ears in dark skin tone.

                                          Set of removable hand gestures in dark skin tone.

The doll arrived to me in the USA within 10 days of being shipped.  She was packaged well, in a brown cardboard box enclosing a white, unmarked box.  The doll also came with a pink sleeping bag.  Turns out her cute ears can be attached with putty, which was included with the ears. Her outfit was packed separately, which consisted of 3 pieces, a white and blue striped short sleeve shirt, with Velcro in the back; a pair of denim overall shorts with snap clips on the straps, and strapped black slip on dress shoes.  

I named my BLYTHE doll Portrait.  She always looks ready for a photo. She is considered a 1:6 scale doll, although her body was shorter and stockier than my petite made to move Barbie doll.  She can share some clothing with Barbies. 

Her big eyes had tangible eyelashes, which are applied to the eye lids.  The drawstring in the back of the doll's head can be pulled on to make the eye mechanism switch her eye colors. Along with the 4 different eye chips, her eyes are set in different directions. Two sets will look straight ahead, and 2 others look either to the left or to the right. My favorites were her side glancing eyes which were gray and honey brown.  

Her hair is insanely soft.  It is very long.  It is unbelievably full!  The doll's huge head, hair and eye mechanism makes her quite top heavy, and it will take some maneuvering to make her sit upright without tipping over.  I encourage you to consider adding a stand to your order, which are designed specifically for this type of doll.  The stand will help you to pose her standing or really in any other poses you want to try, as it is flexible and can be shifted to fit your posing needs.  

Her body has multiple joints that bend or rotate at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees and ankles.  The added ability to change her hand gestures and add different ears makes the doll very versatile and seemingly alive.  You can even remove her scalp to replace it with a new one, and have endless hair styles and colors.  My doll came with pierced ears as well.  The head is very hard and to remove the face plate (which you can also swap as you please), you must unscrew the face plate from the scalp.  At this stage, you can also change the eye mechanism and eye chips to try out new eye colors or designs for the eye lids. 

As a doll customizer and artist myself, I can vouch for the custom-friendly design of BLYTHE dolls. You can find just about all the supplies you need for personalizing your doll on the THIS IS BLYTHE website!  

Take a look at the most detailed BLYTHE review on YouTube!  This close up look will help you determine if these little creatures are just what your collection has been missing!  I'll see you over on YouTube or Instagram. Be sure to drop me a question if you are wondering about something specific concerning these lively dolls!  And as always, I implore you to have a dolly day!

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